Conscious Integrative Breathwork

incorporates progressive muscle relaxation and circular, connected breathing paired with music from various traditions leading to emotional release. This method of breathing has been safely and effectively practiced for decades because it enables individuals to achieve emotional healing in a comparatively short time. There is no belief system to ascribe to, just breathe and feel what is already there!

Some of the benefits are an increase in mental clarity, a decrease (or elimination) of the symptoms of stress, complete relaxation and a total experience of peace. Additionally, some individuals experience a profound sense of oneness and/or connection with the divine.

Each session provides additional information about how you can have more meaningful relationships, including the one with yourself. Over time you will gain awareness of how to achieve the life you desire to be living!

Rebirthing Breathwork

incorporates a full, deep breath primarily into the upper chest. This means of breathing enables individuals to become consciously aware of patterns or undesirable habits. It is self-healing, meaning that healing takes place, while nothing is being done “to” you. You are fully in charge of your process!

Individuals experience this as highly stress-relieving. Through numerous studies we know that 70% of the toxic substances in the body are released through this type of breath. The highly sought after alkaline state, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and other disease organisms, is naturally and safely achieved.

You experience more peace, improved overall health and are able to resolve and integrate previously challenging situations. You will gain mastery of your life situations and leave each session feeling more physically energized and mentally clear.

Short-Term Focused Counseling

is a holistic means to incorporate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself, simultaneously. It enables clients to develop or re-establish a spiritual connection while honoring all religious traditions. You learn to be (more) self-reflective, rather than relying on others for guidance.

Some of the benefits of this type of counseling are gaining self-acceptance and self-love, a more rapid response than through more conventional counseling and a greater capacity for freedom of choice. The end result is the willingness and knowledge to view life as possibilities, not challenges, which leads to a rewarding, fulfilled life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

focuses on emotions which directly affect physical conditions. This is a self-administered acupressure technique, involving “tapping” on the face, upper body and hand. It is easily learned by anyone of any age! These methods naturally and safely improve emotional and physical health while eliminating all physical discomfort.

It is ideally suited to working with fears, phobias and anxieties. It leads to the elimination of stress and its effects on the body, which is the #1 reason patients currently see their medical doctor.

Note: This is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions; EFT is highly useful as an adjunct to conventional treatment and may lessen the severity and duration of conditions already present.

Sacred Breath Meditations

are small group “events” involving progressive relaxation, guided imagery, circular breathing and music to activate the chakra energy centers. When combined, these enable individuals to achieve emotional healing from any troubling situation, past or present. Many times, decades-old hurts and traumas are released and the individual feels as if a “weight” has been lifted from their body, because it has!

Additional benefits are complete relaxation and peace, and freedom from all tension and worry. Some individuals have reported achieving a deeper level of meditation than in traditional practices; however there is nothing to believe.

Why is this called sacred breath? Many times, one or more individuals have experienced the loss of the feeling of being separate; they know in a way that has not been experienced that there is a divine being and that part of Him lives in each of us. “The veil has been lifted”.