Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a group of powerful, meridian-based techniques that can help everyone to achieve genuine freedom from the emotions that have been too intense for the situations in which they presented themselves, often in only 1 or 2 sessions. How is this possible? Our bodies are “designed” to be self-healing, and when we support that ability, remarkable changes can occur. If this sounds far-fetched, just think back to the last time you cut yourself. You had a choice, you could both wash it and leave it alone, or if it was more serious, you would bandage it. Have you ever noticed that whatever you did, the cut “went away” in about the same amount of time? Actually, your body built new skin cells, and repaired the broken skin with it. EFT relies on these same natural, innate abilities.

Even though our bodies are “designed” to recover from unpleasant experiences or thought patterns, nevertheless we can be affected by recurring emotions from past events such as relationships, trauma or loss or ongoing events such as work-related stress, clinical depression and various anxieties. Combining an experience of the emotions and an acupressure technique, tapping on specific points on the face and upper body, with the mind tuned to the disturbance being treated, we restore balance in the system.

When balance is fully restored, the emotional attachment is no longer present. Once mastered, you will have gained a valuable tool that you can self-induce during future stressful times to eliminate your body’s reaction to these stimuli.

In each session, you will work through whatever emotions present. Most often, the overriding physical discomforts collapse fully in one session. For major anxieties, stressors or physical conditions which have been in the body for many years, we work a multi-session protocol. The result? Freedom from your past and greater presence with your self!

Complete recovery is guaranteed for all clients!