Short-term focused counseling is a holistic approach to assisting you to achieve the most rewarding, fulfilled life. By awakening to all that is possible you come to experience yourself as freer, more alive and ultimately know the divine self that you are. This does not require, or even request that you hold any specific religious tradition or belief, instead it supports you in developing a spiritual connection that works for you.

Through a process of deep self-reflection, and new awareness, you re-experience self-acceptance and self-love, connecting your heart and head. From this vantage point, problems which were plaguing you are now often deemed insignificant as a new way of living becomes your natural way to be. This is the greatest opportunity for healing and growth to occur!

When you are no longer burdened by the pain of disappointments, regrets and unlived dreams, you can fully engage in, and experience life as it was meant to be lived. You were meant to live in joy, earnestly feeling gratitude for everything that occurred to you. No longer will you refer to events as happening to you. You will recognize all as simply the road which led to who you are today, and know that you possess all that you need. Your life is a series of choices, about what you do, how you see things and what is important to you. You do not have to live with pain, or hurts; this work offers the real possibility of freedom.

If you earnestly desire a better life than you are living, I invite you to explore what is possible when you fully engage. What do you have to lose but what isn’t working for you?